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Aisling ASH-ling

Babd bau, baiv or bye-v

Ciarán keer-AWN

Cú Chulainn COO cullen

Diarmuid DEER-mid

Ethne eth-NA

Fionn Mac Cumhaill fe-UHN mack-coo-ool

Gearoid gar-owedge

Maebh maeve

Manannán mac Lir man-ann-AWN mac leer

Morrigán more-eh-GAWN

Niamh Neeve

Tiernan tier-nan

Tomás - toh-maws



Dowth DOW-th

Hill of Tara

Knowth NOW-th

Lia Fáil lee-a F-AW-l 

Teamhair cha-wur

Tír na nÓg Tier-nah-nogue



Fianna fee-a-na

Rígfennid rig-fin-aid

Samhain sow-wen

Tuatha Dé Danann tooah-day-danann

Please note there are several dialects within the Gaelic language, so readers familiar with the Irish language should use what they are comfortable with.

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Aisling ASH-ling

An Garda Síochána an guard-a she-a-kawn-a, meaning the Guardian of the Peace. The Irish police. Also known as gardai or the guards.

Babd bau, baiv or bye-v. One of three sisters that make up The Morrígan. Babd is their crow form. See also Macha and Nemain.

Banshee A female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member, usually by wailing, shrieking, or keening.

Bodhrán boh-rawn. An Irish frame drum consisting of a circular wooden frame covered with a goatskin head on one side. It is played by striking the skin with a small wooden stick known as a bodhrán beater, tipper or cipín.

Brehon law Laws brought in place after the Peace Treaty between Tuatha Dé Danann and humankind. Most humans are unaware of these laws except for a small group of humans with Faerie Sight, known as fianna.

Caillte call-cha. Meaning ‘lost’ in Gaeilge (Irish language). The caillte are a group of five individuals from different clans who went missing seven years ago. Rumours circulated around the time that two of the missing persons - Gearoid McQuillan, second to Imogen McQuillan’s clan, and Nessa Cassidy, matriarch of the Cassidy clan - were having an affair. Another notable missing person during this time is Lorcan Breen, second to matriarch, Cara Breen.

Cath An important Fianna rite, where clan members may compete in a series of trials to win the High King’s favour and be selected into a coveted position of highguard. If selected, warriors may live in Tír na nÓg.

Céilí kay-lee. A traditional Irish social gathering with a band of musicians and folk dancing takes place.

Changeling A baby or young child who has been secretly swapped by an ancient fairy who takes his or her place. The dying fairy tricks the infant’s parents into caring for them until they die. It is unknown what happens to the human child afterwards. Some believe they are left to die, while others believe they are given as gifts to the fae in Tír na nÓg.

Ciarán keer-AWN

Cohuleen druith kaw-hool-een drew-ah. Red hat with turquoise feathers belonging to the merrow (male mermen). Magical qualities allowing the wearer to breathe underwater.

Cú Chulainn COO cullen. A legendary warrior hero and demigod in Irish mythology. Famous for single-handedly fighting an army during ‘The Cattle Raid of Cooley’, and for his ability to riastrád, or warp spasm, turning into a monstrous creature who knew neither friend nor foe during battle.

Dearg due dah-ruh-guh du-ah. Meaning ‘red blood sucker’. The Irish version of a female vampire.

Diarmuid DEER-mid

Dowth DOW-th. One of three ancient monuments situated in Boyne Valley.

Druid A mix of Fianna (humans with Faerie Sight) and wiccans (humans with the power to manipulate the elements and perform magic).

Ethne eth-na

Faerie Sight The ability to see through fae glamour and therefore gaining the knowledge that fairies exist.

Fair Ones Fairies. There are two species of fae: Tuatha Dé Danann, the ruling class, and Fomorians, fae who are almost extinct in this realm, or banished to other realms.

Fianna fee-a-na. Humans with Faerie Sight. Fianna clans are made up of families who all serve under a matriarch, who in turn answer to a provincial leader known as a rígfennid. All fianna serve under one human High King.

Fionn Mac Cumhaill e-UHN mack-coo-ool. Also known as Finn MacCool. The first High King of Ireland and leader of Fianna warrior clans.

Fomorians or Fomori. Fair Ones. Thrive on chaos and destruction. Enemies to the Tuatha Dé Danann who defeated them during The Great Battle. Fomorians live in exile in the human realm.

Gardaí gaa-dai. Means guardians. Irish police.

Gearoid gar-owedge

Hill of Tara A hill and ancient ceremonial and burial site.

Knowth NOW-th. One of three ancient monuments situated in Boyne Valley.

Lia Fáil lee-a F-AW-l. Stone of Destiny

Macha One of three sisters that make up The Morrígan. Macha is their fae form. See also Babd and Nemain.

Maebh maeve

Manannán mac Lir man-ann-AWN mac leer. Ruler of the sea, grants beings passage to the afterlife.

Morrigán more-eh-GAWN. Sisters from the Tuatha Dé royal bloodline. Three female forms encompassed within their shared soul. Badb is the crow. Her fae form, Macha, is a fae and Nemain is a spirit warrior.

Nemain one of three sisters that makes up The Morrígan. Nemain is their warrior spirit form. See also Babd and Macha.

Newgrange Ancient monument located within Boyne Valley. Part of three monuments that make up Brú na Boinne - an archaeological landscape in county Meath.

Niamh Neeve

Níl sé ach ina thús. Kneel shay ach ina thus. It’s only just begun.

Púca pooka. Fae creature that takes different forms. Known for mischievous behaviour.

Ríastrad reea-strad. Also known as warp spasm. Taking the form of a monstrous creature.

Rígfennid reeg-fen-ed.

Samhain sow-wen. Occurs October 31st. The veil between this world and Tír na nÓg—the Otherworld—is at its thinnest. Historically, people dressed up in order to trick harmful spirits into leaving them alone. Hence the tradition of dressing up as witches and ghouls at Halloween.

Seanchai Shan-e-khee. A traditional Gaelic storyteller/historian.

Slainte slawn-chte. Means cheers in Gaeilge (Irish language).

Teamhair cha-wur. The ancient name given to the Hill of Tara.

Tiernan tier-nan

Tír na nÓg Tier-nah-nogue. Land of Eternal Youth. Alternate realm where time moves slowly. Humans can live there almost as immortals as long as they never touch the human realm soil again. They can still die here.

Tomás toh-moss

Tuatha Dé Danann tooah-day-danann. Fair Ones. Known for their beauty. Children of the goddess Danu. Also known as Tuath Dé which means ‘tribe of the gods’.

Warp Spasm also known as ríastrad. Taking the form of a monstrous creature.

Will O’ The Wisp Sprites who lead travellers through the woods at night.