How many books are in the Fair Ones series?

Fair Ones is a trilogy, so there'll be three books. Realm of Lore and Lies released October 2022. 

Realm of Trials and Trickery, Fair Ones Book 2 released December 2023.

Book 3 - to be confirmed.

Will there be any more Fair Ones books?

I’m currently concentrating on finishing the trilogy first. After that, I may explore this world further as many other characters have introduced themselves, demanding attention. If I listen, it will be set in the events after the last Fair Ones book.

 Are the Fair Ones real?

Who can truly say? If you find yourself on a dark path with the full moon as your guide and howling wind as your companion, listen. Is that the whistle of the breeze through branches, are those the murmurings of night creatures? If your skin prickles, and you sense you're being watched...  perhaps you are.